10 Reasons why you need the Sling
  1. Long Walks – Have everything you need by your side using our super comfortable shoulder strap
  2. Your towel does it all! - The Velcro on the towel holds for a secure changing device. Pouch Pocket- on the sling allows for Extra Storage (example:  you don’t need a back pack).
  3. Minimize gear = maximize comfort
  4. Holds everything  - Boards, wetsuit, water, food, extra fins, suntan lotion, wax & a leash fit comfortably in the sling.
  5. Surfsling is also a Bag! Take it to the gym, yacht club, overnight bag or camping. 
  6. Surfsling holds your gear & you can use it to dry off after you shower.
  7. Stores your gear!  Put your dry gear in the pouch when you hit the water.
  8. Lifetime Warranty:  If you have any problems with your Surfsling let us know we will send you a new one!
  9. Surfsling is = Practical, core, comfortable & economical.
  10. Why by a beach towel when you can own a Surfsling?


“Just wanted to let you know I’ve already gone thru two of your excellent products, and can’t say for sure how many people I’ve turned them on to but its at least 10…I couldn’t live w/o it!:)”
James Milne, Bradley Beach, NJ

"[The Surf Sling] is a great product. I liked the comfortable shoulder pad"
Student, Huntington Beach High School

"Thanks for hooking me up! It's a sick idea and very useful."
Mark Widman

"It was comfortable and make it easy to carry my board. I really liked it!"
Andrew McFall

"It is comfortable and it carries my surfboard so I don't have to. I liked that it had a towel in the carry bag and that it has a pocket."
Student, Newport Harbor High School

"The sling feels great--sure will help save my arms and shoulders. You guys really handled this in a first class manner! Thanks."
Chet Lukaszewski, Huntington, NY

"James Milne' here. Got my sling today (2 days..You Guys ROCK!) Totally diggin' the "upgrades":) Lovin' the sewn in padding in the strap & the "gnarlier" clips.. Hoping' the stitched in loops put up with the wear & tear I put these things through.. Tomorrow's waist-2-chest with offshore winds so we'll find out I reckon?! Just gotta make sure nobody steals this one! lol! "